Ask Nadia: Skincare Hack 1

Instead of wasting all the precious ingredients in a lovely face wash by rinsing off immediately, I have been using less water and leaving face cleanser on as a treatment mask. Leave on a few minutes instead of a few seconds for maximum skin nutrition. You can feel the ingredients getting tingly and going deeper especially if your face wash has enzymes or exfoliating acids! Maximize your skincare dollars and have more money for other fun things with this quick skincare hack. Some of my favorites are the Alba Botanica Pineapple Enzyme Cleanser for normal skin, Dermaesthetics Rose Milk Cleanser for dry skin, or for oily skin Dermaesthetics Topix benzoyl peroxide 10% wash! Please feel free to send me your favorite skincare skincare secret hacks that help you get better results for your dollar!

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